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Whole minded leaders are crucial to success.  The Emotional and Relational fitness of key leaders increases morale, decreases burnout, and maximizes the bottom line.

“Company culture is a company’s immune system.”   ~ Arianna Huffington

"Happiness drives success in business."  ~ Ted Leonsis

"Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in any business." ~ Patrick Lencioni

Life balance isn’t always easy to achieve and even harder to maintain. Becoming a better, healthier version of ourselves is always easier when there is someone there to help guide us, challenge us, inspire us, push us and give us tools to achieve and live out our life purpose.  Individuals, couples, and groups can all benefit from an emotional fitness consultant.

I am a speaker with a specialty in Life, Relationships, and Emotional Fitness. I am deeply inspired when others are uplifted and empowered to pursue their full purpose.  


I am currently available for bookings across the country. I cover topics ranging from self-esteem, company culture, self-empowerment, organizational dynamic, life/work balance, emotional fitness in the workplace and so much more. 

Foxy Talks

Michelle Fox has been a constant positive force in my life for the last two years. I can honestly say that she has been my rock and my strongest ally. I have never finished a session with her when I did not feel more positive and empowered than before we began. If I had to choose Michelle’s best trait, it would be her compassion. Even though she has not traveled the exact same road in life as I, she is still able to validate my deepest feelings. She has always been there to comfort me during my loneliest times when I was not feeling very lovable or powerful. Michelle is a down-to-earth wife, mom of 4, and woman who anyone can easily relate to. I’ve been able to share aspects of my life with her which I’ve never shared with anyone else before. When we first began meeting, I was very guarded and at least half of the session would be spent in silence because I was terrified of allowing myself to be vulnerable to another person. I have made huge strides the last two years since she has taken me “under her wing”. Now, she can hardly get a word in edgewise because I have so much that I need to talk to her about. I can sincerely say that I am the person I am today because Michelle has been so supportive of me during some of the worst times of my life..., and she also has taught me life changing lessons regarding boundaries in multiple areas of my life. She has given me the tools which I desperately needed in order to live my life in a more healthy way. Not only have I seen Michelle on an individual basis, but I also have secured her in the past as a marriage consultant. My spouse also holds Michelle in the highest regards and he also has recommended her to some of his closest friends.


As a mother of two, wife and business executive I am constantly searching for balance.  I am on a daily quest to climb the corporate ladder while making sure I raise two well-adjusted tiny humans and maintain a healthy marriage.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for Michelle Fox.  With Michelle, the path to balance is clearer than it ever has been.  I am more focused and efficient, patient and empathetic than ever before.  Michelle has and will continue to help me be a better version of myself and I am eternally grateful.


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