Michelle Rouse Fox

We all have busy lives today and wear many different hats for different roles in our lives. Just about 200 or so times a day I hear “Mama” shouted at me from one of my four kids; occasionally, a “sweetheart” or “honey” is thrown in from my husband. That busy life of mine for the past 20 years has also been filled with titles such as a Therapist, Counselor, Relationship Coach, Business woman, and Emotional Fitness Consultant.


Now, you may be asking yourself – What in the world is an Emotional Fitness Consultant? An Emotional Fitness Consultant is actually a role I have developed over the last 20 years with my experience as a therapist and my Masters in Education and Counseling. Throughout my professional career, it became clear to me that my passion lies with inspiring people to become emotionally fit and have strong personal relationships.  It is what inspired me to create and launch my own consulting company, Foxygen Consulting LLC.

 I have worked in Law-enforcement, military, and the corporate sector throughout my career. The one universal truth I discovered is that the same core issues affect everyone, no matter their position or demographic.  We are all so busy and driven in our personal and professional life that we neglect our emotional and relational fitness. That these absolutely vital parts of our lives have taken a back seat to keeping up with everything else. Unfortunately, this core issue isn’t one that just affects the individual, it also disrupts the large corporations that we are a part of. While employees are distracted by personal relationships and how they feel about themselves - company moral suffers, people become burned out, and ultimately the bottom line suffers.

I have grown to understand that a significant step in finding satisfaction in life is to create a strong and fit emotional self. In addition to that emotional fitness, it is necessary to have healthy personal relationships. This can only be done by silencing that nagging liar we all have in our heads that criticizes us and to replace it with profound self-truths.

 As an Emotional Fitness Consultant, I provide training, consulting, and coaching to individuals and organizations in emotional fitness as well as business and personal relationships. I teach different tools that, with daily practice, will help us maintain and succeed in our emotional and relational fitness. I seek to lessen the stigma surrounding mental health in corporate America and help prioritize emotional fitness just as much as we do physical. As a speaker and consultant, there is nothing I love more than helping others realize the profound truths about themselves so that they can silence that inner critic, live in freedom, and become powerful achievers.

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