Well Hey! 

It feels like a loaded question, but how are you doing in this new normal? I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and healthy.  The world just slowed down like it just saw a cop on the side of the highway and meanwhile someone unbuckled all the children and they are running around like chickens!  Speaking of chickens….in this upside down, we the Fox family decided to get a bunch of baby chickens to raise...I mean why now right? We are adjusting to a whole new kind of living why not throw in some real life Little House on the Prairie too! 


Your Inbox is RIDICULOUS!

If yours is anything like mine, you are getting an email from every retailer you’ve ever visited and probably from some you just thought about visiting and somehow Google read your thoughts and found your email and now you are getting emails from the entire retail market letting you know that they are using Clorox wipes on all things and therefore it's probably safe to now shop at their locations.   I can’t be the only one with a retail habit or the only one getting all these dumb emails about how dirty their stores were prior to Covid19! Let me just put you at ease...this is not one of those emails! But also, in case you were wondering...it's still not recommended that you eat off my floors. 4 kids + 6 chickens = questionable cleanliness. 


I did a training a couple weeks ago... 

on how to get and stay motivated as we adjust to our new normal.  We do this by taking action towards a healthy and mindful mindset.  We are being presented with an opportunity to gear up for the upcoming hill in front of us.  We will at some point return to what we knew as “normal” and that is when the hard work will begin.  The recovery is oftentimes the hardest challenge. In the meantime, let’s do a few things that keep us moving forward and not stalled out.  Here’s just a few tips I shared in my training:

  1. Make your bed every day.  I know it sounds silly, but this one habit will help you feel accomplished and also encourage you to not work from underneath your covers.  There’s actually science behind this daily habit. 

  2. Get dressed.  No one says you have to dress for work, but getting dressed will help keep you more motivated.  And besides, yoga pants are basically glorified pajamas anyways, so it's not a hard stretch to graduate from your flannel pants to your “it’s possible I worked out today” pants. 

  3. Keep your meal times.  Keeping a schedule will help the days feel more productive and less chaotic.  Sticking to a meal time schedule is basic and a good reminder of how the day is moving.  

  4. Decide your end time.  If you do not tell yourself and your family when you will stop working, you’ll take advantage of yourself and not in a good way.  Decide at the beginning of the day when your day of work will end. 

  5. Move More!  If you don’t normally work from home, just the change in getting up and walking to your car, then into your building and the various things that you do at the office like grabbing lunch, grabbing coffee, walking to a meeting on the next floor...these things seem small but add up.  When we take away even these small movements that our body is used to….coming to a full stop while working from home can have a deep impact on our mental health. Not moving as much will lower the feel good hormones and increase our depression and anxiety chemistry.  

  6. Sit down with your spouse/partner once a week.  If you are living with another adult and they are home with you, set up a time to discuss expectations, logistics and assess what is and isn’t working.  If you aren’t used to being together as much as you suddenly are, you’ll want to create space for yourselves so that you insulate your relationship and continue to thrive. 

  7. Family meetings with your children.  Involve your children in this new normal thing.  Get their feedback. Allow them to be a part of the solutions.  What's working and what’s not working. Praise them, find lots and lots of reasons to praise them.  Remember that their perspective of what’s happening in the world is much smaller than yours and they interpret everything with heightened senses.  Be mindful to not have the news playing often when they are around, as this will increase their fears...in fact, maybe everyone should take more news breaks!  



what I do by now and how I do it, but just in case you don’t or maybe you forgot….you can connect with some of the work I do while you have some extra time on your hands, check out your preferred social media site.  I drop weekly videos on various topics that address all the things that we Hurried Humans encounter regularly. If you are into LIVE videos, I host one from my kitchen table every Thursday night at 8 pm. There’s room at my table for everyone!  My work is geared towards anyone who would say they are Hurried; the stay at home mom to the corporate executive…..well, except all of a sudden everyone is wondering who pulled the emergency brake! Feeling and being hurried doesn’t just take place in our physical world, mentally we can feel hurried.  I bet right now that you feel the pressures to revamp, change or adjust to this “new normal” yet no one is giving us clear guidelines on how... or maybe just all the news and changes are creating an anxious mind and heart. I’m here to help in any way that I can. If not by talking personally, I’m sure that you’ll find resources in my content, so please take a look at FB, IG, LinkedIn, Youtube or my website at Foxygenconsulting.com.  The only site I haven’t saturated is TikTok and I just can’t even….sorry!  


Here at Foxygen we are gearing up to bring you life applicable workshops that you can do from your mobile device.  Be on the lookout for emails with more information soon!  


I hope to see you at my table on Thursday night at 8 pm!  


If you or someone you know is having a hard time with the current state of affairs or with any life circumstances, I’m here and we can connect remotely.  There’s no need to be in distress alone.  


Stay safe and healthy friends.  You are loved!



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