Whole minded leaders are crucial to success.  The Emotional and Relational wellness of key leaders increases moral, decreases burnout, and maximizes the bottom line.

“Company culture is a company’s immune system.”   ~ Arianna Huffington

"Happiness drives success in business."  ~ Ted Leonsis

"Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in any business." ~ Patrick Lencioni

Life balance isn’t always easy to achieve and even harder to maintain. Becoming a better, healthier version of ourselves is always easier when there is someone there to help guide us, challenge us, inspire us, push us and give us tools to achieve and live out our life purpose.  Individuals, couples, and groups can all benefit from an emotional well-being consultant.

I am a speaker with a specialty in Life, Relationships, and Emotional Wellbeing. I am deeply inspired when others are uplifted and empowered to pursue their full purpose.  


I am currently available for bookings across the country. I cover topics ranging from self-esteem, company culture, self-empowerment, organizational dynamic, life/work balance, emotional wellbeing in the workplace an so much more. 

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